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the cookie, three ways

Everyone has their idea of the perfect cookie. There are some who love soft and chewy cookies that almost seem half-baked. Some prefer the massive, New York bakery style cookies that are bigger than your palm. I like mine simple. A crisp exterior with a chewy middle and lots of pools of chocolate you can bite into.

The Classic

I’ve always relied on a good chocolate chip cookie to turn a bad day around. They’re best eaten warm and fresh from the oven. Glass of cold milk on the side, optional. When I was younger, I would bake tray upon tray of chocolate chip cookies around Christmastime to send out to our neighbors and my mom’s friends. I was like a well-oiled cookie machine, mixing double batches of dough and taking out trays as soon as the timer goes off.

These days, not much has changed. Except that I’ve added a couple more cookies to the rotation.

Meet the Brownie Cookie

Brownie Cookies

I was never meant to sell these cookies. In fact, if you’re my friend on Facebook, you can actually find the recipe in one of my posts when I first made these cookies. I saw the post on Food 52 and these cookies looked so familiar. They reminded me of this dream cookie that I had years ago. A mystery Christmas gift at work that didn’t have a card had me searching for a recipe for chocolate cookies that were crackly on the outside but chewy inside. I knew I had to try making them.

Once I shared the finished product on Instagram, someone asked if I was taking orders for them. Since they were pretty easy to make, I said, why not? One order turned into two then three and before I knew it, I was offering it on my regular menu. I even have a pregnant friend who had an intense craving for them.

The best way to describe the Brownie Cookie is to take all the best parts of a brownie and turn it into a cookie. The crackly top, the crisp edges, and chewy interior make for one powerhouse cookie that satisfies any craving. Did I mention they’re flourless and fat-free, too?

How I Finally Got the Cereal Cookie Right

Cereal Mallow Chocolate Chip Cookies

It took me three tries to get the baking time right and probably two batches to get to what the Cereal Mallow Chocolate Chip Cookie is today. The original recipe is a sugar-laden buttery cookie that almost completely falls apart upon contact. It’s crumbly and rich and delicious but hardly the cookie that will survive a motorcycle ride from Taguig to Quezon City. I adjusted the ingredients until I got to a consistency that didn’t crumble after cooling but also still had that rich, buttery feel of the original.

It’s not a simple cookie at all. It takes two days to make but I think they’re worth it. I start out by preparing the cereal crunch that goes into the oven for around 20 minutes to get golden. I can eat this by the spoonful but I always make just enough for the cookie batter, so I won’t. Then there’s the cookie batter which involves a 10-minute creaming method by Christina Tosi (it seems an awful long time to be whipping your butter, sugar, and eggs but trust the process) and addition of the mix-ins in three batches. The batter gets scooped and shaped and go into the freezer overnight before they get baked the next day.

They were too good not to share, so I ended up adding them to my regular menu, too. Some people swear it’s the best thing I’ve made so far.

If you still haven’t figured out what your favorite cookie is, let me help you! You can order each cookie flavor separately, or try them all at once with a sampler that comes in regular and mini cookies. Who knows maybe one of my cookies will make it on your favorite list?


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