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moving in

  • Feb 14, 2020
Macy's Fields cookies, pie, cupcakes

There’s always something that excites me whenever I’m putting up a new website. It’s kind of like moving houses I guess. It’s never really complete but you slowly add touches of you until it feels like home.

Today, I’ve decided to put up the Macy’s Fields website on a day when we celebrate love. I think my baking has always been motivated by love. My love for dessert, my love for being in the kitchen, my love for seeing people enjoying what I’ve made for them.

And I’d like to think that I get the same love back.

A few years ago, when my mom passed away, her sisters sent me a gift. It was a KitchenAid mixer in the prettiest shade of pink. Up until then, I had been using my mom’s classic white KitchenAid to bake. I would just keep having it repaired when it would break down in the middle of baking. I was thrilled that I finally got my own. It’s currently out of commission—I have to get it fixed, so I’m back to using my mom’s.

A couple of years later, our old oven stopped working. I was trying to make homemade Oreos when the oven would just shut off by itself. After years of getting submerged in floodwater, I guess it finally decided to give up. I thought I’d never be able to bake again, but my family and friends pooled their money together and gave me the best birthday present ever on my 29th birthday. They gave me money to buy an oven. It was then that I realized that I am meant to be in the kitchen, baking. That no matter what happens, I will find myself back in front of the mixer, trying some new recipe (or perfecting an old one) and watching people as they try it.

I suppose this website is a love letter of sorts. To baking, to myself, and to you. Thank you for supporting Macy’s Fields through the years. I’ll keep on baking as long as you’ll try the stuff I make.